My GameSamba Story by Wizkiller96

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                Before we start this story let me tell you a little bit about myself. My name is Richard Morales most people on the internet know me as Wizkiller96, Wiz, etc. I’m a gamer and a web developer but not going to get into much details about that as this story is not about my life but instead about my experience with a certain gaming community called GameSamba. So let begin with the story now, also sorry if I forget some parts as I tend to forget a few things. Back in 2012 I wasn’t much of a gamer who played MMO type games instead I played allot of first-person shooter games like halo, call of duty, etc. Soon as it was the year 2013 I started getting more into anime not saying I didn’t watch it back then. It just I didn’t watch it as much as most people do and I was always busy working on projects for friends involving websites so I never really took many breaks since I always been busy on trying to improve my web coding skills. Other than web development I also helped my friend with his gaming community as it web developer and head administrator. My friend ran a roleplay server and I love roleplay servers the aspects of using your imagination to come out with your own character for different scenarios was amazing to me. No I wasn’t head administrator on his server at the very beginning I started out as a Game Helper and worked my way up the ranks.


                After my friend’s community closed I end up having allot of free time on my hands so I decided to see what new anime I can watch and only site I knew at the time for anime was Funimation. So I went on their website to see what new anime came out so I could watch. Upon browsing the site, I notice a banner at the top of the site. It looks like it was for a game at first I didn’t pay any mind to it but then I got a little curious so I decided to click on it. The ad took me to this website for a game called Remnant Knights and there was a welcome page with some information about the game along with a video and screenshots. I was pretty bored at the time so I decided to sign up for the game. After registering I went and downloaded the client for the game this was before the game was cloud base. After the client had finish downloading I went and launched the application and was present with a login screen. So I enter in my account information and login. All though since it was February and Valentine’s Day was around the corner the game was very well decorated for it. The game was very colorful and alive not to mention the players where very friendly and helped me out on how to play the game.


                Some of them I partied up with to level up, although I was very nervous with talking to people and this ended up leaving me playing with myself for a while. Then this person name Abbey came up to me and ask if I wanted to join her club of course I had a bit of trouble understanding her. But it wasn’t that hard to figure out I just assume she didn’t speak English very well. She was a bit hyper all though she always seems to want to help a new player with the game. After a while I met a few of the games GMs their names where Sygnora, Aurora, Aphrodite, Parfait, and Lilliyan. All though don’t get me wrong I met more than just those few just I didn’t spend allot of times with them since they worked very late. After a while I met members from a club called RaposasDaColina and their club master at the time was a person name CristinaSollo. They tried to kidnap me and get me to join their club so I had to hide from them a few times. Also met a club from dragon school called TeamRocket and it club master why Pypski they were also a great bunch of people to talk to and hangout with even though we were from different schools.

                When I first met Lilliyan I’ll be honest I was kind of scared of her since people kept telling me she was mean. So I was kind of scared of talking to her for a while so instead I talked with the other GMs first one being Aphrodite who they called the zombie GM because she usually works late night shift and like eating people’s brains. She was probably the GM I talked to the most out of all not say I didn’t talk to the other ones it just I had fun bothering Aphrodite. After a while I eventually saw Lilliyan in a mob spawn at first I thought it was a player with a crazy level since she was the only one with level 200 at the time. To be honest I even though it was a hacker since I didn’t know much about her at the time. I didn’t find out until later when someone mention she was the community director. One, day I kind of got mad over something in-game and accidently cursed in-game. Which then lead to her to messaging me to watch what I say. I said sorry after words, all though after that incident I tried not to curse in-game.


                After a while I don’t know but I started to do events and stuff while being naked in-game and one of the events after it ended when Lilliyan was passing prize around and she got to me and called me something like “WizTheNekkid” or something like that I don’t remember exactly. I also bothered her for some cookies also because those cookies where like trophies in Remnant Knights. Everyone wanted a cookie and people use to fight over them. After I got to know Lilliyan a bit more she didn’t seem like the mean person people told me about. Although she did like carrying around a big hammer with her that was bigger than her own character’s body.


                Once I got to level 60 I left Abbey’s club which was called “TeamOwl” and joined RaposasDaColina. But before that I went to these events the game had weekly called Club Challenge and Club War. I usually went there as a neutral party to watch both owl & dragon school clubs fight for points or the terminal. I did get killed a few times they seemed to like setting a naked person on fire for some reason. After joining RDC I participated in the club wars they were very intense especially when I accidently killed Pypski since she was wounded by the other club members from my club. Tell me how that was probably the dumbest thing I ever did in club war at the time. Then she respawns back and came plowing right through all the RDC club members and came straight for me. I was a noob at the time so I didn’t really know how to defend myself against a crasher. I got murdered so fast I didn’t even realize what happen.


                After a while I start learn out some tips and finding out ways to improve my character and got allot of advice from players and the RK skill calculator. After I was able to get a decent build my club mates help me get some good gear from the dungeons in Mara the most popular dungeon being Arfa since it was the easiest since the other had traps and damage reflect. After being able to build a decent character I was then able to score kills which I was never able to do at the beginning where I died like every time.


                After a while I was introducing to an old RDC member name Mysticalia who just so happen to have the same class as me. While I started chatting with her and getting to know her better. She gave me a few tips on what I should do in player vs player so we did a few duel together. After couple weeks maybe months after I got to know everyone like Yuumei who was probably the first RDC member to show me the skill order I should use in PVP. There was this one random moment though when me and Mysticalia where away from keyboard in front of Owl School. So here comes CristinaSollo and Hitome starting up a AFK wedding between me and her. This lead to how Mysticalia became my wife all though I’m sure when she reads this part of the story she might stab me but anyway I’m used to it after all the previous stabbings.


                Couple of months later Lilliyan comes around looking for me but doesn’t seem to find me in-game. So she instead went on facebook to check if I was online there which I so happen to be at the time. She was telling me about how they started helper system which was where a level 60 player who was picked by staff will go around helping new players in-game. Unlike Ran Online and STAD helper system which were stricter and had age restrictions. RK helper requirements was only that you had to be level 60 and not have been banned by a admin you also need to be able to be nice to players. RK helpers where called Student Advisors and where not called Game Helpers like Ran Online or STAD. They also didn’t have as much duties as a Game Helper had. Anyway Lilliyan asked if I wanted to be a Student Advisor of Owl School. I was like sure I would love to help new players in the game find their way around also not to mention Remnant Knights was probably the only game I had a lot of information on due to it wiki which was very well done by players. Also I help contribute small part to it also, to pages that weren’t finished or wasn’t updated.


                After a while of playing Remnant Knights and meeting all the great friends and people on it who I still talk to now. The game was then announced it will be closing this made allot of us upset especially since they gave us this bad news towards Christmas so we were all very depress. On January the month that Remnant Knights server would be closing on. All though before the game shutdown the GameSamba staff did one last event which was probably the funniest event they did for that game. They increased all the boost to max so we were all able to enhance our gears to max level. They showed us contents that where being worked on but that was never finished. We all got to wear the awesome GM necklaces which gave us all op stats.


                After Remnant Knights closed most of the players I played with went their own ways and we lost contact with each other after. As for the other we still keep in contact with one other through facebook sometimes even play with each other on other games. After a while GameSamba had open a game called Ran Online and most of us RK players decided to check it out to see what it was all about. So I went and login to Ran Online and picked sacred gate as my school of choice. I choose to be a scientist class since it used gun type weapons. As gun weapons where my first choice over most of things, although my second choice would have been a sword if there wasn’t a gun type class. Upon playing Ran Online I notice it had a very different atmosphere from the game I played before. For one thing it wasn’t as colorful and had a grimmer look to it since everything was more of a dark atmosphere to it. It wasn’t a game that most players would find as fun. It was more of a game that attracted a select few of people this was also why most players from Remnant Knights never stayed long when playing it.


                Yea both Remnant Knights and Ran Online where a game built by the same developers and had pretty much same aspects in some part with both being school type themes. But Ran Online wasn’t a game that could replace the game Remnant Knights player loved. It just wasn’t the same for one it wasn’t an anime style game so it wasn’t as colorful as most anime games are. Ran Online was a sci-fi type game. The character’s looks were not as cute looking as the Remnant Knights character not to mention Ran Online character didn’t express emotions like Remnant Knights characters did. Instead Ran Online character faces stayed pretty much the same motionless dull look they always had. As for costumes in Remnant Knights had pretty cool looking costumes to be honest I probably spent most of my money in GameSamba on new outfits for my character not to mention the costumes where permanent so you were able to keep them for as long as you want and not have to buy it again.


                As I walked around Ran Online leveling up with some players from Remnant Knights some of them being Cyanea, Mysticalia, CristinaSollo, and Hitome. After a while of hard work leveling up Ran Online ranks and me getting very lazy I stop for a bit at level 197. After a while me, Mysticalia, and Gemini decided to build a wiki for Ran Online for the GameSamba server. Since we notice there wasn’t much informative guides on how to do certain thing in Ran Online. For example, most people when they start Ran Online where unable to find the first quest since there was no auto walk to the quest or waypoints showing you where you had to go. So I took the time to gather information on where most of the Ran Online quest where and how to complete each one and what rewards they gave. After a while if working on the wiki with Mysticalia and Gemini. Both of them had left the game I guess to find something new to play or take care of some other life type matters. This left me take care of the wiki alone so it took a lot long for stuff on the wiki to be updated with new information since I was only able to do it when I had free time.


                Few days later I decided I will host some events for the players in Ran Online so they could win awesome prizes from the shop. This event was called “Nekkid Wiz’s RanSamba Event” and it was usually trivia and word scrambles. I usually posted a date and time of when I will do each event on facebook and what the prizes would be. If people didn’t have my Nekkid Wiz’s facebook page like it was okay because I did send out reminders in-game about when my event will be. This usually gave me enough time to get everything setup for the event. The winner of the event got to choose any prize they wanted from the samba shop. Although there was one event where I had a winner who won a code for 2,000 samba plus the bonus sambas you got. After the player won I message him/her on facebook with the UGC card code and gave him/her instructions on how to redeem the code. This code was around $20 dollars in value. So I made sure the code for the winner went through successfully if it didn’t then I will give the person an alternate prize. After he/she sent me a confirmation that it all worked well and he/she received their sambas they then thank me for the prize. I did this event a few times while being in Ran Online and people seem to love joining it they were pretty excited when I mention that I would be doing and event where they could win anything from the samba shop.


                Most players didn’t believe me that I would give stuff away just like that so allot of them where very unsure about playing in the event. But I assured them that my events where safe and I did all the transactions for it safely. Meaning I didn’t ask to go on their account to give them what they wanted I just usually bought the item and traded it with them. I also used the gift button method so there was no risk to the winners account. Beside my events I uses to go around giving player free items from the shop at random like pet food and pet skill cards etc. I even collected crafting materials to give away to players who need it. After a while I decided to level up again and hit 200 and to be honest it wasn’t very fun it was actually pretty tiring since I had no experience items so my experience went up very slowly. So it took about 24 hours for me to level up 1 level and before most of you say it doesn’t take that long yeah it doesn’t but I didn’t have the best party at that time so we died allot because someone messed up or they got disconnected from the game.


                When you sit in Ran Online trying to level by just pushing skill key for hours it gets very tiring and yes I know most of you would say why you didn’t use an auto skill program. Yeah, I know there was auto skill programs out there I could have used to push my skill keys for me. But at that time I wasn’t sure if I would get in trouble for using a program that pushed skill keys for you. So I was pretty scared I might get in trouble for it or even ban for something like that. I didn’t take risk that could get me ban so I had to confirm if using of such a program was okay from one of the GameSamba staff. It so happens Lilliyan was online at the time and since she was the community director she was the best person to ask about it. Think she said that it wasn’t anything that would cause any problems in-game and that it was okay to use it. All though still took precautions on using such programs. For example, only time I used such a program was for leveling up with a party where mobs came charging after the tanker non-stop while the rest of the party killed the mobs attacking the tanker. While the holder held the keys to keep the mobs from stopping. All though we had to be careful on where we aim otherwise we would have hit the keys and that could ether kill us or mess up the flow of the mobs and that would force us to start all over.


                Then after a while GameSamba lunched the browser game called Rainbow Saga and I decided to check this game out also. It wasn’t a bad game was pretty much a platform side-scroller game with MMO aspects. It was pretty fun for a while but got very annoying since it had lots of pop-up ask you to spend coupons on this item to make you stronger. To be honest I don’t like games that spam me to buy stuff it annoying and aggravating when you see a pop up every 5 secs asking you to buy this and that. All though the game was fun it just had that problem with the top-up windows. I played that game for a while and even started a small wiki for it and fixed up some of the guides that lacked some information on certain elements of the game. So I provided a little more detail information on how things worked and to use them. I also provided pictures showing the game user interface that I was talking about in the guide.


                Later on GameSamba got a game based on Star Trek and this game was called Star Trek: Alien Domain. This game was pretty fun and simple to get into and it was also browser base like Rainbow Saga so you didn’t need to download any client for it. I registered for CBT and tried it out and studying the game while playing it and writing out small guides on the forum on how the UI worked and stuff. After a while of doing this I was asked by Lilliyan and the other staff if I wanted to help with the STAD forum as a moderator. I accepted the offer and it was a very fun and great learning experience all though it was a very stressful task. Since later on as STAD started getting closer to the end of CBT3 people were getting very upset over bugs in the game being fixed to slowly or bug they reported months ago not being fixed at all and being told they were fixed when they weren’t this made lots of people mad and didn’t help much since people were also allowed to spend cash at that time. I’m sure most of you know what happens when a customer pays for something and the item they paid for is not to their expectations they start raging at people.


                This lead to people come to the forum complaining and raging about issues they were having and wanted fixed right away. The STAD players are not the type of people who like wait very long for a fix with each wait they got madder and since I was the one responding to the forum post and collecting all the bug reports. This lead them to arguing at me over something I had no control over so I was force to handle all the angry players while be yelled and insulted allot by them. I did my best to report every issue I could but in the end I still have no control over how fast the developers fix the issues. Not to mention the developer didn’t even provide most of us with information on the game. Not even small details it like they wanted to keep everything a secret which is understandable but. They could at least give us information on stuff that they already had publicly in the game. That way we are able to have more accurate guides for new players. But in the end we were force to do our own testing and figure out what each of the game mechanics did.


                STAD is probably the most tiring and stressful community I had to ever deal with since. Everyone constantly what an answer with-in a few minutes of them posting there question or problem. Since during the day I’m pretty much the only person who answer the forum due to other staff and people being in different time zone it gets very overwhelming. Players expect you as a forum moderator to have every answer for them. To be honest I didn’t have 100% knowledge of the game since most of the games aspects where kept hidden from the public and the only knowledge I had was from what I experiences and learned myself. All though most of the work load was taken down a bit with the Game Helpers answering some of the stuff to. But in the end the Game Helpers where not 100% sure on information they gave ether since everything that was provides was from their experience and from what they learn. There was no informative document for us moderators and game helpers to read about for the game because there was none provided by the developers this can mostly be because it was probably not in English. But I’m sure we could have found a way to have the document translated if need.


                Support for STAD was a little bit messy and could use a bit of work on how thing should have been taken care of. For example, they should provide update notice before the day of the update that way people can be prepared for it. But instead of doing that they release the maintenance notice a few minutes before the server goes down this doesn’t give people a chance to prepare and this leads to them being mad over the lack of a warning being provided to them. The support page need to be more informative on how people could check to see if their tickets have been responded to. Since most players get confuse think the responses are emailed to them. But as to when they do read the responses and reply they get like 5 other support staff asking them the same questions over and over again. This leads the player to getting more frustrated over support. Then this leads them to think the support page is no help and that there brushing off the player’s issue.


                Most of the STAD players are adults so they do have life issues of their own and don’t want to spend money on a game that has issue. Just to be told by the developer that the issue was fixed in a previous update. Most new players won’t even know that STAD is in open beta because it not really advertising as being a beta product on the facebook page or in ads much. Like the lack of information on the cap level which was level 70 at the time. This ended up leading players to spend lots of credits at the cap level because they saw the experience bar still gain experience so they though there wasn’t a cap. I will also admit some of the STAD players do complain allot over stuff that might not be an issue but if they see a way on get compensation on something they will jump at it because everyone loves getting free stuff.


                Enough about me talking about STAD let me talk about the other GameSamba game I played called Siegelords. This was other browser game but it was more based on medieval style. I will admit this game was very fun to play since there was always something going on in the world. Like faction battles and raiding other faction forts. There weren’t many issues with this game considering it wasn’t in beta and was actual the full finished game. So it ran pretty smoothly and gave lots of free diamonds which was the paid currency in the game. For speeding progress on thing like cooldown timers and releasing phantoms. So you could pretty easily have got through the game without spend much money on it.


                That all I have for my experience with GameSamba so far although who know maybe in the future this story will get longer. As time goes on and I know I didn’t mention allot of things but I had to condense it and make it smaller otherwise it probably ends up being very long. I would like to thank everyone I met in the GameSamba community whether you’re a staff or a player because you guys where the best people I met. Some of you I built very long term friendships with and even memories that I would keep with me forever. Even if the future none of us see each other again since we will all eventually go our own separate ways. But there will always be the once piece you will keep with you of the fun times you had with the people you met and played with. I would also like to thank the GameSamba staff for their help and support and allowing me to take on certain roles with in their community even though they weren’t anything big it was still something I was able to learn and get experience from which will help later on down the future. Till then I wish everyone luck and the best and no this isn’t a good bye but when that time does come which it will someday maybe we can all go back to that time where we all met. Thank you everyone and good luck out there because even though time move forward and your life changes one thing that will not change is the memories and stuff you learn throughout your experiences.


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